Saturday, May 22, 2010

I liked the idea of having a toy where you could change the faces. You could put one one your desk and turn the face to represent your mood. If the ape has a happy face, come on by. If he's frowning, look out.
Working on the new paper craft idea, I kept thinking about a gorilla. How to make the belly and how to make long ape arms. I wanted to give them a pink butt and have a face with a small mouth going "Ook". As I was working on the gorilla concept and looking around the web, I noticed that there are a lot of paper crafts of monkeys and apes. Funny. I guess we just love the little guys. So I feel right at home making another ape paper craft.
Here are some early designs.

While working on Gary - that's the name of the first brown gorilla. My friend Bill came over and wanted to "see my new flippy faces." And the name was born. My friend Bill is a very creative guy. I wouldn't know half as much about the computer without him. So I had a concept and a name, and I was off.
I started with a brown gorilla - Gary. But I realized gorillas are more black than brown so I made a new colorway with a blue/gray gorilla - Gilbert.
Here are the first colored gorillas.

More to come...

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