Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Opening of the Flippy Faces Blog

Welcome dear friends,
I'm Titus Woods. I'm an artist and I work in a lot of different mediums.

This blog is dedicated to my efforts in papercraft. I've always enjoyed origami and working with paper. I showed some of the things I was fooling around with to my friend Bill. He showed me a web site with origami and papercraft, 4chan.org. After looking at the papercraft I was hooked. I did a few models and started working on some of my own designs. About a year or two later I found a book on Amazon, Urban Paper by Matt Hawkins, for under a dollar. The shipping cost more than the book. The book is great! Very inspiring. While sketching in my book I came up with an idea. Make a paper figure with changeable faces by making it two pieces. The body underneath would have the different faces on it and the top piece has a hole on one side so you can see one of the faces. The pic is of the first flippy face.

more to come...

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