Friday, December 10, 2010

Flippy Faces - Rowdy Reindeer

Here they are...
Ready to go...
Flying your way...
Rowdy Reindeer!

Available for free at:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pirate Design to Reindeer

In September I started working on a pirate design. The shape of the pirate hat on the little flippy body really turned me on. The idea came from a sketch I did. 

Well I was happily working away and suddenly it was October. I thought, hey I have a cool idea for a ghost. So, putting the pirate aside. I started to work on a ghost for Halloween.  But as it got closer to Halloween it became clear that I could not finish the design and the layout in time. So I put the ghost design aside.

Rather than starting a turkey for Thanksgiving I began working on a Reindeer for the holidays. Here is an early version. The sketch that inspired it looked very funny, but the horns did not look so good after making them.

Well I worked through November with a break for T-day and the Rowdy Reindeer are almost ready. Look for them soon :!)

I will finish the pirate and ghost some day. Probably just in time for Pirate Day and Halloween.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Angels Almost Done

Here are the two angels. Almost ready to go. This is an older pic, they lack the finishing details. I'm just finishing the layouts and then I will put them on the web site. Very soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Angel Flippy Faces

Now I'm working on my next Flippy Faces character an Angel. She started out as a quick sketch and she is coming out pretty cool. Here is the sketch and some of the test builds. Note the gorilla face on the front one.

Web Site .net vs .com

Well i got the website up and running. You probably know that if you are reading this. But I made a big mistake. The web site is but on all the layouts for the two gorillas it says .com. :{(

But I solved this by buying the .com name. If any one got lost I am sorry.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Now I needed a web site to give these little guys away for free.
I already had the name FippyFaces. Thanks Bill.

Here are some sketch ideas for the site. I still need to put in the flying saucers.

So now the site is up and ready to go. I have two free papercrafts and plans to make more.
Please take a moment to look...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finished Design for Gary and Gilbert

I finally finished the gorilla designs to my liking. Now with moving arms.
Here are the boys Gary and Gilbert.

More to come...
I liked the idea of having a toy where you could change the faces. You could put one one your desk and turn the face to represent your mood. If the ape has a happy face, come on by. If he's frowning, look out.
Working on the new paper craft idea, I kept thinking about a gorilla. How to make the belly and how to make long ape arms. I wanted to give them a pink butt and have a face with a small mouth going "Ook". As I was working on the gorilla concept and looking around the web, I noticed that there are a lot of paper crafts of monkeys and apes. Funny. I guess we just love the little guys. So I feel right at home making another ape paper craft.
Here are some early designs.

While working on Gary - that's the name of the first brown gorilla. My friend Bill came over and wanted to "see my new flippy faces." And the name was born. My friend Bill is a very creative guy. I wouldn't know half as much about the computer without him. So I had a concept and a name, and I was off.
I started with a brown gorilla - Gary. But I realized gorillas are more black than brown so I made a new colorway with a blue/gray gorilla - Gilbert.
Here are the first colored gorillas.

More to come...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Opening of the Flippy Faces Blog

Welcome dear friends,
I'm Titus Woods. I'm an artist and I work in a lot of different mediums.

This blog is dedicated to my efforts in papercraft. I've always enjoyed origami and working with paper. I showed some of the things I was fooling around with to my friend Bill. He showed me a web site with origami and papercraft, After looking at the papercraft I was hooked. I did a few models and started working on some of my own designs. About a year or two later I found a book on Amazon, Urban Paper by Matt Hawkins, for under a dollar. The shipping cost more than the book. The book is great! Very inspiring. While sketching in my book I came up with an idea. Make a paper figure with changeable faces by making it two pieces. The body underneath would have the different faces on it and the top piece has a hole on one side so you can see one of the faces. The pic is of the first flippy face.

more to come...